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List of customer testimonials for parts that we have 3d printed at GPI Prototype and Manufacturing Services.

I got the parts and I have to admit they look incredible. Thank you very much, you guys did an awesome job. They are headed to post processing at our machine shop right now.

I really expected a more course surface finish. What type of DMLM machine do you use? What exactly did you use for a shot blast to get such a nice surface finish?

Once again, very happy with the results thus far.


I would like to thank you and your team for helping us satisfy our customer’s needs.  I am very impressed with the service and quality your company has supplied. It is very nice to see another company have the same values and dedication.  Please pass our thanks to your team and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.


I received the parts yesterday and assembled the first unit last night with no issues, thank you for turning the parts around so fast, they came out great.


I am quite pleased with the part you folks made for us. It is structurally just what I was envisioning and I certainly appreciate your timely delivery especially considering the holiday season. Thanks for doing business with us; you can be assured that I will keep you on the top end of my list of rapid prototyping suppliers in the future.


Hi again Doug, I’ve got to say, you respond fast! I emailed you this morning to find out when the parts would ship & I just got out of a meeting and found your parts sitting on my desk. Great job!


We received the parts yesterday. Thanks for your help and timely fabrication and delivery. GPI supplies a superior prototyping service to other companies we have approached.

Thanks, and look forward to working with you in the future.


“Thanks again for getting back quickly with the parts and your quotes. The parts you have fabricated with your 3D metal printing system are very nice and are allowing us to realize our complicated adapters designs quickly and in a cost effective fabrication method.”


As usual, the parts look great, thanks DJ!


We were pleased with our parts.  While some of the thinner-walled parts (0.5 mm) required a some extra post-process finishing to smooth out the surfaces, we were understanding of the capability of the DMLS for such conditions, and ended up with beautiful metal parts for our prototype.


We have used GPI for a variety of parts and have been very happy in working with them. They have always been attentive and responsive to our needs and timelines and the quality of parts we’ve received is excellent. We appreciate the positive experiences we’ve had working with GPI and definitely plan to work with them again in the future.


GPI delivered perfect scans, ready for our use.  The additional work we requested to the data was performed quickly, and helped us tremendously. Excellent quality and service.


I received the keyboard support – works well and was produced quickly. Thanks


Just picked up my parts from the lab and they look great.  Thank you for the quick service.  I will be in touch soon for some more prototype parts.


I received your shipment today. We appreciate the quick turnaround.


This was the first time for us to try parts mfg’d with SLS, or STL. We were excited about how the two parts mated together at the slide joint. The detail in each part was amazing. Mental perception of parts and assembly drawings on a computer screen is different with the real physical item in your hand. We are changing dimensions of both parts for improved function, fit and strength. You will receive the new pdf and stl files this week. Thanks for your excellent service.


I received the part today and all features are done to perfection!  Thanks!


We received the parts this morning.  Thanks for the quick response and we’ll definitely keep GPI in mind for future prototyping. Best regards


The prototype parts turned out great.  They are currently in engines for testing. You are the first company I will call when prototypes are required.


Great price and delivery. I will keep you in mind for the next project.


Just got the parts. They look great. I appreciate the fast delivery! Hope you guys have a great weekend.


The DMLS part that you sent me recently is simply amazing (other than me oversizing my threads).


Parts received, quality is superb. Absolute pleasure doing business with you again!


All the parts arrived in time and worked out well. Thank you for your help.


“Seeing the engine roar to life was real validation to the thousands of man hours and sleepless nights designing, building, and preparing the rocket engine and the test stand"


Here is the rocket engine that you've printed out for us in action.  It was successfully tested just yesterday.  UC San Diego has become the first university ever to design and test a 3D printed rocket engine and it's thanks to your support!  I hope that you'll continue to support the program in the future, we will be cooking up new designs soon!


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