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Government Additive Manufacturing

GPI Prototype is a provider of government additive manufacturing services for quick turnaround government prototypes and production government manufacturing.


 traffic electrical housing

GOVERNMENT Introduction

Additive manufacturing holds the potential to help the United States Government meet its mission and responsibilities. 3d printing technologies in this rapidly evolving space can increase performance and efficiencies, improve capabilities in the field, and unlock cost savings. As a result of these benefits, additive manufacturing is a primary focus area for agencies of the U.S. government.

Government agencies can use additive manufacturing methods to achieve greater productivity in the transportation, energy production, manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and research sectors. Many agencies are exploring adoption of additive manufacturing but need to maintain standards including surface quality, part accuracy, fabrication speed, and material properties. To mitigate these challenges, GPI Prototype has years of experience and strict internal controls to ensure top quality parts are produced.

GPI's 3D printing solutions are designed to to meet your additive manufacturing (AM) requirements by offering the most currently available additive processes for metal parts. GPI participates in GSA to be an acquisition resource for additively manufactured parts within government. Our goal is to provide the necessary AM technology to manufacture parts for each federal agencies specific mission.

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    3D printing technology can reduce prototype costs without compromising performance or reliability for all government agencies including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

    Legacy Part Manufacturing

    Custom parts can be easily manufactured for old military equipment where spare parts are hard to source.

    Research and Development

    Additive allows for custom sizes and shapes that would be difficult to manufacture with traditional manufacturing processes.

    Military Vehicles & Aircraft

    Custom parts can be easily manufactured for old automotive and combat vehicle applications where spare parts are hard to source.

    Replacement Parts

    Serial production of high-end, weight-optimized components for combat vehicles, helicopters, assault ships, and tactical vehicles.

    Drones and Surveillance Aircraft

    Reducing the mass of moving components is especially important since this directly enhances energy efficiency.


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