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Automotive Additive Manufacturing

GPI Prototype is a provider of automotive additive manufacturing services for quick turnaround automotive prototypes and production automotive manufacturing.


 traffic electrical housing

AUTOMOTIVE Introduction

Automobile manufacturers are faced with major challenges including energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Increased demands for customization result in the need for automotive manufacturers to embrace additive for low volume production.

Additive Manufacturing provides a new approach to the current challenges facing the automotive industry. It offers design freedom while allowing the creation of complex yet lightweight components.

Automotive additive manufacturing enables the production of components without the need for tools, thereby cutting development and production costs. The reproducible additive process results in parts that can be installed directly in serial production vehicles.

With additive, automobile manufacturers can increase the efficiency of their research and development, enabling them to get their vehicles to market quickly.

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    Engine Parts

    3D printing technology can reduce engine production costs without compromising performance or reliability.

    Battery Housings

    Custom enclosures can be easily manufactured for custom vehicle applications and racing.

    Cooling Systems

    Additive allows for custom sizes and shapes and custom internal channels can alter the flow of coolant for different cooling applications.

    Lightweight Hinges & Brackets

    Hinges and brackets can be designed, produced and installed as integrated components.

    Heat Exchangers

    Serial production of high-end, weight-optimized components for automotive applications.


    Reducing the mass of moving components is especially important since this directly enhances energy efficiency.


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