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Additive Manufacturing for Universities

GPI Prototype is a provider of university additive manufacturing services for quick turnaround research prototypes and production project manufacturing.


 university of california san diego student rocket project


Students and scientists at universities are preparing for the requirements of tomorrow. With this in mind, universities and research institutes require advanced technology to compete. GPI offers metal additive manufacturing to assist scientists in their research and teaching activities. Parts can be designed with sophisticated features and complex geometries built for the most challenging applications, such as aerospace and medical research.


    Rocket Engines

    GPI Prototype created a 3d printed inconel rocket engine for the SEDS aerospace group at UCSD. They were the first university group to design, create, and launch a rocket powered by a completely 3D printed engine.

    Lattice Structures

    Additive manufacturing technologies are capable of producing very complex geometries and topologies, tremendously expanding the limited design space allowed by traditional manufacturing methods.

    Metal Material Research

    Our engineers often collaborate with university student experiments to develop custom machine parameter experiments on different materials.

    Heat Sinks

    Many university machine experiments require custom parts like heatsinks. Additive manufacturing allows for custom shapes that maximize surface area and heat transfer.

    Custom Research Equipment

    From enclosures and housings to vessels, we have the resources to manufacture your custom parts in both metals and plastics.

    Medical Research

    From prosthetics to metal implants, we will work with you to take your medical research to the next level with additive.


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