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3D Printing (Objet Polyjet)

GPI Prototype offers Objet,  the cutting edge in rapid-prototyping that elevates 3D models to a whole new level.  Based on PolyJet®, this photopolymer-jetting technology produces outstanding surface features and detail with the finest resolution of horizontal layers in the market, 16 microns (0.0006).  We can build thin walls down to 0.6 mm and eliminate the stair step effect typical of SLA models. We also offer a large family of materials for you to choose from (6 rigid resins & 4 Soft durometer resins), making GPI Prototype a one-stop shop for all your prototyping needs.

The PolyJet® process delivers top-quality, accurate, clean, smooth and detailed prototypes at high speed.  The jetting head deposits a single-layer of two different materials used for building: one photopolymer material is used for the actual model, while a second, gel-like photopolymer material is used for support on the build tray.  Immediately after building each layer, UV light cures each layer instantly.  When the model or build is completed, parts are removed and water is used to clean away support material, meaning no harsh chemicals ever touch part surfaces.  Since there are no physical supports touching the model, the need for standard finishing services is eliminated, also allowing functional assemblies to be built as a single model.


* Unmatched layer/build resolution 16 micron per layer
* Rapid turnaround and complex builds ie. undercuts, deep drafts and corners
* Clean, smooth interior and exterior surfaces with no post-building finish required
* Elongation at break of 20% enables snap fit and functional applications
* Highly durable parts ready for form, fit and function
* No post curing required, models are fully cured and can be handled right off the tray
* Models surfaces can be painted, machines, drilled, chrome plated or used as a mold master

3D Printing Materials


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