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Metallurgical Engineer


Direct Metal Laser Sintering, 3-D Metal Printing Project Engineer
We will train you to become a subject matter expert in DMLS, the preeminent process for rapid prototyping in metal. (Chicago-based, rapid prototype company)

Minimum Qualifications. (Required to have your resume considered. Do not apply unless you have them.)

  • Must have at least 1 year experience working with metals.
  • 2-4 year technical degree in metallurgy, material science, mechanical or manufacturing engineering. (Aeronautical or aerospace engineering degrees are not acceptable for this position.)
  • 2 years minimum experience with manufacturing processes and manufacturability
  • Basic-level proficiency with CAD minimum

Preferred Qualifications. (Any of these items are a plus, not necessarily required.) Please highlight in your application/resume.

  • Some type of specific training or experience in 3D printing, for example, DMLS, SLS, SLA
  • Machine shop experience
  • Training or experience in Laser welding, CNC, EDM, project management, QC or QA (blue print/specifications, ISO, vision/inspection systems)
  • Intermediate or advance-level proficiency in CAD (SolidWorks experience preferred)

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Generation of precise instructions to our operations to ensure that customer requirements are clearly defined and met, or in short, to deliver a quality product.
  • Be a subject-matter expert on manufacturing processes and materials to ensure a high success rate in our operations, and continual learning and growth in the technology of Direct Metal Laser Sintering.
  • Review potential projects with sales people and estimators.
  • Conduct pre-production review of projects for capacities, instructions and hand-off to production.
  • Conduct post-production review of whether project happened the way it was supposed to happen.
  • Build the process/materials information base as a reference tools for estimators and production.
  • Provide production support and trouble-shooting.
  • Annotate our routings, key instructions or behaviors that the shop needs to follow.
  • Provide and filter the information that estimators/quoters enter into the system.

Key Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attributes

  • Knowledge of Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping, especially DMLS. Substantial knowledge of metal properties and applications, sufficient to know what questions to ask. Knowledge of blueprint and tolerancing practices and conventions. Overall understanding of traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Can use CAD images to gather critical project information. Ability to ascertain material selection/ requirements. Effective customer communication to understand requirements. Microsoft Office Suite skills—Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Blueprint reading.
  • Strong engineering fundamentals. Open-minded. Good with people. A good teacher. Quick recognition of what to do. Able to quickly take many different perspectives/ opinions at once and create a logical conclusion/solution and recognize what to do. A creative problem solver, with the ability to think on your feet.

Type of Business

  • GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services sets the standard for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing services with practical and exotic applications for all major industries. GPI specializes in additive technologies that impact product design processes and time cycles. Notable capabilities include Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Objet 3D printing, RTV tooling, stereo lithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). These technologies build directly from CAD data, and are ideal for low-volume production of metal, plastic and urethane components, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Our market involvement has ranged from pharmaceutical/device implants to aerospace/Department of Defense applications. Over the past 30 years, our product development and prototype expertise has been utilized to support diverse and challenging projects. Today, GPI Prototype is offering all of its rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing capabilities to every major industry. Our industry anticipates 200-500% growth in the next 5 years. Our technologies, processes and materials are well proven, established and documented. Our value proposition is clear and obvious. See also our website

Benefits of Employment

  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Major medical, life insurance, profit sharing and a shared health-club plan.
  • Training and support in developing your understanding of additive manufacturing/rapid prototyping.
  • A fun and exciting work environment focusing on cutting edge technology.
  • Located in beautiful Lake Bluff, IL, 30-40 miles north of downtown Chicago.

HOW TO APPLY — Application is a multi-step process. You will be contacted upon successful completion of each step.

  • Email a current resume AND a cover letter detailing how you meet the above minimum and preferred qualifications.**

Required experience:

  • Manufacturing processes & Manufacturability: 2 years

Required education:

  • Associate

To apply email your current resume and a cover letter to:

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